Snow Snow everywhere!

Happy new year 2016!

Winter in Lund!

Winter in Lund!

Lund has been welcoming the New year with snow. Last year, I had my ‘First snow experience’ with snow-ball fights and building snow man during Christmas. Coming from a tropical country, snow is a totally new thing for me. But, staying in Lund for one year, has made me accustomed to the darker climate and snow brightens up the place, making the town look more beautiful. For new-comers like me, it has been difficult to walk straight in the snow, especially when the snow is melting. It’s like how much ever better boots you wear, you keep slipping and falling down. So, people out there! Wear proper clothing, proper boots (if you find one!) and try not to fall. Enjoy the snow! Have a snowy beginning! 🙂

~ Monisha

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