Snow in Lund ^_^

At the beginning of this week, I heard from my friends that it is snowing everywhere in Sweden except Lund (Skåne). We really wished it snowed here as well. The temperature real feel was almost -6 degree Celsius and the wind made it feel really cold. Yesterday night did we see the lovely flakes kissing the earth and overnight, it just snowed in Lund. All of us woke up to see the first snow of the year in Lund. The city looked stunningly beautiful with a white blanket all over. By mid day, the sun showed itself and the snow glistened. I walked down the streets admiring the glittering snow, children playing with it and building snow man. Everywhere did the joy spread and cheerfully we welcome winter.!! Yaayy!


It also reminds me that I have to go do my reports now! 😀 😛 Hope you all enjoyed the snow as much as I did. Hej då!


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