Snow has Arrived!

Last night was the first night that it snowed here in Lund, actually right now it is snowing again. This is earlier by a couple of weeks earlier than it snowed last year. Aside from making the city look beautiful and adding ambiance of the season, it can make some people weary, especially about getting around in the city. If you don’t know, people do ride bikes here year round – and yes that means in the middle of winter, even when there is snow.

To be truthful, it’s a lot like driving a car through snow. That is to say, you ride slower, break sooner, and not abruptly. Take wider turns, and don’t over correct, otherwise you will fall off your bike. Wider tires do help out. When there is snow, the city is on top of it. In addition to clearing roads, bike paths will get cleared too. Especially in winter time, the police do get strict about making sure bikes have both a front and bike light on them that work. If you do not have a working light, you could get fined for each light you don’t have.

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