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Skissernas Night!

Hey hey!

Last night (Friday) in Lund was Skissernas Night! “What is that??” you ask? It is a night of workshops, live music, food, drinks, and general cultural engagement that is free to enter and enjoy at Skissernas Museum, the university’s Museum of Artistic Process and Public Art situated across the grass from the main university library, that happens usually three times a year. It was very busy with people of all nationalities and ages, and was also somehow the first time I’d ever set foot in the building. The building itself is gorgeous and was presented by the architects at the 2017 SUDes Conference. It is free entry all the time for students anyway, and I would recommend a visit.

Skissernas Museum internal courtyard and mirrored roof.

I went with a couple of friends and was not disappointed. The main spaces and design of the building are amazing, the food was great, and the entertainment was excellent. I didn’t spend so much time around the exhibits, but I can of course always go back during the day when it is probably quieter. My favourite act of the night was Maher Cissoko (who can be found in places where you’d usually find music), a Senegalese musician who specialises in playing the kora – a West African stringed instrument that sort of looks like the beautiful lovechild of a lute and a harp. The sound created and the foyer space that worked its acoustic magic on the composition created an awe-inspiring ambience and was something I hadn’t heard before and immediately fell in love with.

Maher Cissoko performing in the foyer.

In short, an evening of cultural escape and beautiful music was exactly what I needed after a long, hard week of thesis work. Now onto Tuesday’s mid-crit!

Joe x

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