Skiing in Sweden

One under appreciated attribute of Lund, is the town’s location. Just a short train ride away from Malmö, the incredible city of Copenhagen and the air travel hub that is Kastrup airport. So being a student in this northern part of the world, you feel obliged to partake in some of the unique adventures that Scandinavia has to offer, within a student price tag.

One of these activities on my bucket list, snowboarding. Something I’ve never tried before as snow is a non-existent commodity in South Africa. Being Sweden, you would think ski slopes are in abundance as your preconceived notion suggests. In reality, Lund is located so far south in this elongated country, that the ski resorts in Sweden are a similar distance north than the Alps are to the south. But of-course based on newly acquired patriotism and local advice, we headed north. After a short flight to Trondheim and a spectacular train ride over the border the Sweden, we arrived in Åre.

Surrounded by beautiful snow covered mountains, frozen lakes and fast flying skiers, I started my snowboarding experience, calling on long forgotten surfing instincts. I was warned beforehand, learning how to snowboard is notoriously tricky and involves many a fall. By the 4th and final day, I was bruised, stiff and exhausted but fluently carving down the least threatening slopes with a massive smile on face. It was a tough learning experience, but worth every moment. Hopefully I’ll find myself back on the slopes sometime in the near future, definitely with some more padding.

Cheers for now!


Beautiful colours of Trondheim

The steeper slopes await

Trying to stay upright

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