Supplemental Instruction (SI) sessions for Wireless Communication programme at LTH

This Monday was a bit different…It felt a bit empty as there was no discussion, no doubt session, no questions and no brainstorming at 1pm. Yesterday we didn’t have a SI session. Last Monday was the final SI session of this study period. It has been an amazing experience for the last 7 weeks to host these sessions with Andres Felipe for the first year Wireless Communication students.

I have mentioned SI session so many times but now, let me tell you what exactly a SI session is. It is a peer- assisted, interactive, informal study session and is complementary to the regular teaching and the exercise classes. It aims to help new students in the learning process and in bridging difference in the study techniques used at different universities, focusing on difficult subjects in the study period. SI has been implemented at LTH since 1994 but Wireless Communication programme was included for the first time.

Being a SI-leader was a new experience for me and I enjoyed it thoroughly. It was a bit challenging to answer the questions without giving direct answers and to keep the SI sessions different from the regular exercise classes of the course. We did put a lot of efforts in planning and in smooth execution of each and every session and managed to have a number of golden memories. There are two memories, which I specifically remember. One is when a few students came up and asked if we could keep having more SI session after the 7th week 🙂 and the other is when Felipe offered a break after 1hr of the session and students said NO… we want to continue. For me, these were like the receipts of hard work that we had been putting in. It felt so satisfactory and amazing  🙂

I am grateful to Michael Lentmaier and Lykke for including Wireless Communication in the SI programme. I would also like to thank Joakim and Ida for supporting us and helping us in delivering our best 🙂





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  1. Thank you Rajeshwari, Felipe and all my class mates for a great interactive session. SI session is indeed a great help to us for clearing our doubts and building up self confidence about the subject. I request my department to organize more such session in future.

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