SI graduation ceremony

Last Friday I attended the Graduation ceremony of SI scholarship holders in Stockholm city centre,  Which was really great, an event that ignites me to think about my journey in Sweden again , and How I was freaking to leave my beloved family to the “unknown” and far away destination,spend two years alone, with no relatives. But now looking back, I am feeling proud of my self, I am really not the person who left Sudan(my country) two years ago, I have been changed a lot, my experience, my thoughts , and I believe every one does.
Exploring cultures and new destinations will definitely add a lot to you and shape your future. It is much more than a masters certificate.
Finally, I am wholeheartedly thankful to the Swedish government for being so generous and giving me this great chance. Sweden will remain distinguished country  in my memory.

If I have to quote something from the speech of the graduation ceremony ,It will be “Get out of your comfort zone,  explore life”.

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