Sensory evalution – how to choose a final product during food product development?

If you ever wondered what studying Food Technology actually means, this post explains a little part of it…

As already mentioned in one of my first posts, this semster does include a course in which we develop a vegan product, where my group is working on a vegan and gluten free mud cake baking mix! Now it feels like we have been baking at least 100 cakes in the last months, trying different recipes 😛 And we were satisfied with 4 final recipes that showed different properties when measuring for example the texture of the cakes in the laboratory. So to know which of the 4 final cakes the consumers would prefer, we invited people to try our 4 cakes and tell us which one they like most by ranking look, smell, tast, texture and sweetness of the cakes! In the end they had to rank the cakes, that we got an idea of which one the overall liked the most! It was a full success with 77 people coming and we were able to define our final recipe! 🙂

Here you see a picture of the sensory lab in Kemicentrum (LTH campus). 15049597_1250482781660618_1681935260_n

If you wonder why there are walls between the people tasting the product, it is because they should not be influenced by other peoples votes! 🙂


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