See You Soon ;)

Finally, the moment has arrived I am boarding the plane to India. Home sweet home after a span of 1 year 4 months and 20 days amazing feeling. This is a week before exam and all my friends are studying but not me. I took a project course and finished all my tasks before Christmas, so I can enjoy my holidays and finally my trip to home. I have already made the list of things I want to eat the places I want to go. You may find the same thing in a foreign land, but nothing is as good as compared to your country. It had been a very busy week with reports, studies shopping for gifts etc. It’s a tough job to find gifts for people but the after-Christmas sale made it easy. Sweden has one of its biggest sale, best time to shop in Sweden. Good luck to all the applicants at LTH and all my classmates having exam. Vi ses snart. 😊

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