School is starting!

The beginning of the school year is here. It is time to get back in class. It is indeed hard, especially after the long (3 months!) holiday, but this need to be done.

The 1st year students came as well, and the weather of the day was nice. What else to do beside.. BBQ!


We did it in one of the student housing in Helsingborg since they have the grill there. It was lovely, and the nice thing was that the temperature was pretty warm, perfect weather to do BBQ.

It is a good way to start the semester, and also a chance to meet our new family. As how we usually did it, everyone needs to bring their own foods and drinks. However, we shared sauces and pasta salad for everyone to share. It was fun! And this is how it looked, lovely foods!

Welcome back to EEBD classmates, and also, welcome to the new EEBD students, we hope you will enjoy your stay! 🙂


All photo credits to Yuncong Li. Yes, I forgot to take pictures of this lovely day.

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