Relaxing thesis life, who said?

Almost two months has passed since the thesis or degree project course officially start. Some people do thesis internship in company, or working with other professors in the university to support their research. Sometimes, I saw people travelling during this course, mostly because there is no class to attend anymore, and meeting with supervisor only happen once every 3-4 weeks (or at least in my case). 

I thought I would have a lot of time in my hand this semester, considering almost 5 months of doing the project; which in regular course we usually only get around 2 months. But the truth is: it is not true! In fact, I feel that it is really hard to keep the time, when you have no classes and schedule, it is always easy to procrastinate. Or maybe you actually don’t but you just got stuck in one thing for a pretty long time and can not move forward because of it.

Fear not, I want to once again remind myself that: this too, shall pass. I believe that everything will be done in its own time, and what we can do is just do our best, and not let hard work betray. Good luck!

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