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Reflections on Final Crits

There were many exciting things that happened this month. The whole architecture department concluded its design projects, all participated in final presentations and everyone were making plans for the Christmas holiday. After the stress of it all has settled, I began to reflect on my own final presentation as well as the others I saw around the A-building.

Sustainable Urban Design Studio

The week running up to the final crit was manic. Everyone were so focused on churning out whatever was missing from their presentations, resolving fully booked laser cutting slots and solving printing issues. Our studio had several guest critics and professors from China so the atmosphere in the presentation hall was a bit tense. Spending time in the studio and being around others up till the end was a good decision. It is tempting to stay at home or somewhere else to work but the encouragement and knowledge exchange with others really makes an impact. It was also helpful during the actual presentations. Other students could contribute in conversation with the jury to either defend comments or offer some insight. This is something that may be unique when comparing formal presentations at other universities. So it┬┤s a great opportunity to take advantage of this when at Lund.


Final Crit

Since the A-building has a large open atrium, students at the campus are free to walk by or take a peek at other studios┬┤presentations. It was nice to get a sense of what other courses are about, what the general standards of work are produced across the campus and take some notes of others presentation skills. However, the downside of such a set up is of course the inevitable noise disturbances. 

Atrium Presentations

Everyone seemed to be concluding their crits in approximately the same time. In a strange way, it made it that more exciting to kick off our holiday and plan for all the things that entailed. For many in my studio, it included selling furniture, ending leases to apartments, booking tickets home and not leave before a smashing party!

27 December, 2018

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