Project group on the cover page of university magazine!

It feels great to see the picture of your project group on the cover page of university magazine. We, the students in the master’s program Food Technology and Nutrition are doing a course named “project in life science” where we are supposed to create a new food product based on the ingredients requested by a company. We had a few workshops in this course and one of these was on “team building” which was highlighted in the university magazine. It was fun and we enjoyed this session a lot. We were a group of 08 students from 08 different countries and these types of workshops helped us to improve our group dynamics and work smoothly.

I posted the link to that issue below. Sorry that it’s in Swedish, but you can have a look at the pictures on page 20-22 to get an idea of how much fun we had in that workshop.

~Mohammad Abu Mursalin Sajib


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