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KLGN01 Probiotics

Do you want to be healthy? How about taking probiotics? Probiotics are live microorganisms that give health benefits to you by helping your gut flora. I knew that taking probiotics is good for health but didn’t know why and how. So I took probiotics course to feed my curiosity. In the course, I could expand my knowledge in immunology, gut microbiota, microbiology, and microbiological methods to the next level. I also had a chance to make sauerkraut and analyze my saliva microbiota. The main learning of the course, in my opinion, was “You are what you eat“. Ever since then to improve my gut health, I am consuming variety of homemade probiotics products – kombucha, Kimchi, and sauerkraut. The picture below is from my probiotics shelf. If you have your way to keep your gut health, please do share 🙂 

My probiotics shelf


16 March, 2019

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