Pratar du svenska?/ Do you speak Swedish?

If you are new here, I assume you have no previous knowledge of the Swedish language and that is okay. Almost all Swedes speak English and it comes very naturally to most of them if they hear you are not from here. At the faculty especially, everyone speaks very good English, since science, of course, it is mostly discussed in English.

However, I would suggest you sign up for a course if you plan to stay a bit longer here or if you just want to fit in the society much better. I have been taking SFI (Svenska för invandrare) classes at Komvux, which is part of the Lund commune and they provide free Swedish language classes and secondary education for adults in general. After you apply, the waiting time is rather long so sign up as soon as you decide. There are other options as well, like private classes or group courses that you can pay for. There is also the excellent concept of språk kaffe, which is a language coffee meeting with random people where you can practice speaking Swedish or different languages. There are many events like this organised most of the time, even by the university, so keep an eye on them. For the EU students, there is also an option to take Swedish as a course that is part of your studies, however, discuss that with your coordinator to get more information on when its time to apply.

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