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As already been posted, the new international students arrived this week. And as ambassadors most of us got to meet them at registration day. For me it was not only just meeting the new internationals and welcoming them. During the introduction this year the EEBD master’s program is being included for the first time! So registration day wasn’t only for me meeting them as an ambassador, but me and 6 of my current classmates are also their mentors (Phaddrar) during the coming nollnING (the engineering introduction weeks). And this was the perfect opportunity for a nice get-together. After the registration and all formalities coming with that in Lund, we went back to Helsingborg and arranged a barbecue. It turned out being an awesome relaxing evening where one of Swedish most famous games was played (kubb) with the most passion I’ve seen non-Swedes playing it ever! (And for some reason, the newly-arrived even beat the team with most mentors in it…..)

Introducing them to kubb, and they're way to good!

Introducing them to kubb, and they’re way to good!

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  1. 31 August, 2016 | 15:46 | Helene von Wachenfelt

    Great initiative! But watch out for those newbies!

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