Out of the box…

The most exciting thing for me studying at Lund University is the opportunity to earn credits on something besides the courses offered within the programme. This includes on-going research projects, internships and your own project.

This is what some of us have been doing during the Autumn semester, I find this is a good way to get into the swing of the anticipated thesis period. I will tell you about some of the alternatives myself and colleagues are doing.

Tshepiso Lehutjo: I am working on an Independent water recycling shower for Off-Grid communities. This is the basis of a social enterprise that I am trying to develop. I have found a spot in the university startup hub which guides me in terms of the business aspect. The scientific aspect of the shower is what I have integrated into my academic curriculum. This kind of opportunity is one that I didn’t anticipate coming to Lund.

Pooja Vijayaprakash: With the department of Water Resources Engineering, she is working on a project which assesses the reliability of precipitation data from the satellite. It has been found that data from the satellite is not accurate, particularly in snow regions. The research aims to ultimately apply suitable data correction so that data can be derived in places that may not have ground references available.

Tendai Madzaramba: Based in his hometown, Marondera in Zimbabwe, Tendai carried out a project to suggest suitable options that can be used to offset the sewer overload as well as the net deficit of 10ML/day in the water supply. As a result of excess wastewater generation beyond the installed sewer capacity, the sewers have burst causing significant pollution of water resources. A possible solution is onsite wastewater treatment that has the potential to generate close to 30ML of water per day in Marondera which can be reused for non-potable purposes. This will alleviate the freshwater demand and reduce sewage handled by the wastewater treatment plant.

Like with the main thesis, the project has to fall either under Engineering Geology, Water and Environmental Engineering or Water Resources Engineering. So think outside the box and get yourself an opportunity to work on something that will be unique for you.

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