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Orientation Is Over

Hey hey!

As you all may have noticed, the orientation weeks are beginning to feel like a distant memory as classes ramp up. Here in the 2nd year of SUDes, we have already had our first China group analysis crit after less than 3 weeks of class. That among other things has delayed my posting of my experience as an LU international student mentor during the arrival weeks.

I was excited to work Arrival Day…

On 15th August, Arrival Day, at AF-Borgen I settled in at 8:30am for a day of working to help new students check in and find their way around. I must’ve met hundreds of new people, and the days that followed brought many new friends by way of my mentor group. My group, informally named by my co-mentors as “Glittergroup”, swelled to quite a large size as more people who didn’t have groups joined our activities and brought new friends. We made lots of plans, hosting BBQs, trips to Lomma and Dalby, tours of Lund, evenings at nations, brunches, movie nights, and the traditional LU Treasure Hunt and Sports Day, among other things. We became more than just mentors and mentees, but friends complete with awkward group chat nicknames, sharing of stories and advice, and frequent social plans both big and small. It’s been greatly rewarding (and also very tiring) and I’ve not been so thankful to be randomly grouped with a set of people since I started SUDes. I was so busy in fact that until the other day I hadn’t had a full day off since I got back from Italy…

Glittergroup’s Tour de Lund lurk at the library

However, all good things must end and since orientation is well and truly over (but not the friendships I’ve made) the real work must start for all of us. I’ll begin my individual project work before flying to Chengdu, China in less than 3 weeks! Exciting stuff!

Joe x

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