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One Year of Covid-19: How the Pandemic Affected My Studies

It’s now been roughly one year since the first wave of the coronavirus hit Sweden, and when looking back at this year, I realise that it has affected my studies at LTH quite a lot. 

Firstly, as for most of us around the globe, I have had distance studying for pretty much a year now, meaning every lecture, seminar, group work and other related events taking place online. I got to say that it has worked surprisingly well! All the teachers have really adapted their content in the best way possible, and luckily there is so much technology these days to facilitate the whole process too. We have even managed to have a lot of practical learning through exercises and scenarios online, and it has worked well. In the end, I don’t feel as if I’ve missed out on any learning just because it’s been online, even if I have missed being able to study in the library from time to time (some have opened by now).

Beyond this, my teachers have also integrated the ongoing pandemic into our studies, which has been really valuable, as it has allowed for learning in real-time. I have written a whole post about that here.

Perhaps the area of studies that has been the most affected have been my internship and thesis experience. My internship was initially supposed to be spent in Myanmar, and the plan was to then return to Myanmar for my thesis project. However, when I understood that this would be impossible, I was lucky enough to be able to adjust my internship to be done remotely from Stockholm, which I have written all about here.

My thesis topic then changed all together, because I found that it would be too difficult to do the kind of thesis I wanted remotely. It certainly has been a shame that I wasn’t able to spend this time in Myanmar that I had planned, but overall I am still so happy with how things turned out!

Do you have any questions on how LTH/Lund University have adapted studies during the pandemic? Feel free to ask in a comment below, or if there is anything else you’re wondering.


25 March, 2021

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