One of the must-see places in Lund – Sankt Hans backar

There are many nice places to visit in Lund like the Lund Cathedral, Botanical garden, Kulturen etc. but Sankt Hans backar is definitely one of my most favorite places in Lund in addition to the Botanical garden. You might have already heard a lot about the beautiful botanical garden so, let me now say a few words about Sank Hans backar…

It is located on top of a small hill near Norra Fäladen. This place is so calm and beautiful that I could not believe, it used to be a dump site few years back. This is perfect place for jogging/ running, barbequing or just relaxing and enjoying the sun. It also gives you an opportunity to enjoy the mesmerizing sunset without going too far 😛  Sometimes you also find rabbits playing and chasing each other which instantly brings a smile to your face. Also, from top of the hill you can enjoy a nice view of Lund and if the sky is clear you can even see Malmö and Copenhagen too.
I Hope you take out some time to visit this beautiful place and let me know if you like it 🙂




– Rajeshwari

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