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October in a wrap!

October has been amazing!

We had kanelbullensdag (kanelbullar’s day) on the 4th of October. Kanelbullar is basically a cinnamon roll or cinnamon bun. And living in Sweden for one year, I would say that it is pretty much a Swedish thing! You can buy it in supermarkets, and for fancier ones, you can easily find it in a bakery or konditori.



It was really unexpected that the weather was really good during the early to mid month. I can’t believe I got the chance to see the autumn colors. Last year, the weather was not that nice, there was a lot of rain and clouds. Also maybe because it was my several first months in Sweden, I did not really get to enjoy the scenery. But this year was awesome and everything seems so pretty!

Amazing autumn colors in Malmö Kungsparken
Going to an autumn hike in Kullaberg


Also, I was joining a cooking team in STAMPUS. STAMPUS is a kind of student nation for students in Helsingborg and they have a lot of events that you could join, but sometimes it requires membership. This month, the event that I volunteered in was a sittning with a theme of October Fest. So, we cooked a lot of German sausages with sourkrout and pretzels. We also prepare some potato salad and apple pie for dessert.

October Fest’s sittning menu


Lastly, we also had a study trip to Malmö, to see solar plants! It was nice. We also get to visit Malmö Live and see the big concert hall, it looks really nice and cozy inside. However, beside seeing solar plants, we also got to see the ventilation system for the building which was really big. It was interesting to finally be able to see an applied system to what you studied from before.

Solar plant in green roof
Solar plant in Malmö Live’s rooftop
Bonus: Malmö Live’s big concert hall

Nevertheless, October was nice. Looking forward to more nice things during this year. Especially since exam has finally ended! And put in mind, winter is coming… Start your supply of vitamin D and stay healthy, fellas!

1 November, 2018

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