Nimis burns down (partly)

I tentatively hope my previous post inspired some of you to hastily visit the beautiful Kullaberg nature reserve and driftwood sculptures of Nimis, while the autumn leaves were still hanging around.  Sadly Nimis fell victim to an arson attack on Thursday evening. Due to its isolated location, fire crews arrived at the scene after the fire had already subsided. Fortunately it was found only part of the structure nearest to the shoreline was destroyed.

The motivation for a pyromaniac to destroy such a historical piece of art is hard to grasp. So when things have cooled down and you’ve got some free time and hiking ambitions, I would suggest with a little more urgency this time, to make the trip to this receding magical place.

Below is a link to a news article containing more information and photos of the aftermath:

Link to my previous post.

Cheers for now!


Nimis in all its previous glory

Nimis in all its previous glory


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