New year, new life!

when I am writing this blog, I can hear the fireworks outside the window and in a couple of hours, it will be New Year, 2017. How time flies! Can you remember what did you do last new year? How many new years’ resolutions have you achieved in the year 2016? New year is coming and you have new hope and new life.

For the international students who will start studying in Lund University in spring 2017, the arrival day is also coming. The spring 2017 arrival day is January 10th. Some students may feel nervous when arriving in a new place especially for those who go abroad for the first time. And the suggestion I can give you is to read all the relevant information before you arrive in Lund and you can get well prepared. The information you need is collected on the site: You will get much help during your arrival day and orientation week, so do not worry and you will settle down very soon.

Happy new year!


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