New Studyperiod – New Goals ;)

Another study period is over. Another step closer to the end of this journey, but not just yet.

After a rather difficult, few months, involving a lot of project submissions, reading and exams we jump into the second part of the fall semester. What’s on my agenda, you ask? Two courses and surviving Sweden’s beautiful but harsh winter.

I found that keeping myself busy with studies and staying in good company with gooood food is the best way to survive the cold months, but more of that in a later post maybe.

Trying to Decode Wireless Project.

It’s time to find a Master Thesis, where some students are working with the university and some prefer to find a company to collaborate with. Time to update that CV and write some Cover Letters! All engineering students know, next week is ARKAD, the largest Scandinavian career fair, in which students get the chance to meet representatives from 190 companies to pick their brains about internships, master thesis and even potential jobs. Even if you’re a first-year student it’s very interesting to learn about what’s new on the market. We know the huge amount of people and booths might be overwhelming at first, but tackling one by one, either alone or with a friend is a good way to go. Companies also give away fun goodies such as little puzzles, pens and notebooks, etc.

For more people interested visit ! The event will be held next week, 14th and 15th of November in the E-building, Studiecentrum and the MA Annex !

Happy Browsing !

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