Nerf war

Last week a friend of mine, whom apparently got too much money to spend, invited me for a Nerf gun war. (For all of you who don’t know what it is, here comes a short explanation: A Nerf gun is a plastic gun that can shoot foam darts. 🙂 To start a Nerf war, one needs a couple of guns, loads of darts and some friends.) As if that doesn’t sound fun enough, the event took place in the campus cafeteria. So, we made ourselves a nice little battlefield by overthrowing some tables to hide behind; we put on some good music (to get a good First Person Shooter vibe); and we were ready to play some capture the flag and team death match!

Now I said in the first sentence that my friend has a bit of money to spend. My reason for thinking that is because he provided all equipment for our little war to start. We ended up with 1 full automatic Nerf machine-gun, 4 semi-automatic guns, 2 crossbows, 2 shotguns, and a couple of hand guns (and probably some more, which I forget to mention now). This all made for an awesome Sunday afternoon!

Unfortunately this was the only picture taken, and it wasn't the best of pictures. But I guess it'll do.

Unfortunately this was the only picture taken, and it wasn’t the best of pictures. But I guess it’ll do.

OK. Bye.
– Anton

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