My thoughts on the courses (1) : Mandatory courses

Now that I am working on a project course (read more about it here ). I am officially done with coursework. It is a bittersweet time as the end draws near. In this post, I will give brief thoughts (my own thoughts) on the mandatory courses.

Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) (7.5 points)

Definitely, my favourite course. At the time I couldn’t appreciate as I should have it because it was the first period being in Sweden. I enjoyed this course because of the kind of engineer I am. I am concerned with how best society can benefit from decisions that are made “at the top”. The main component of the course is a group assignment based on selecting a river basin as a case study and discussing the implementation (or lack of) integrated water resources management. Unlike the technical components of engineering, it is not based on a formula. IWRM is an ever-changing concept that requires the decision makers to be in tune with society.

Urban Waters (15 points)

This was the most eye-opening course for me. I had done the same course in my undergraduate but failed. When I realised it was the same, I got scared because I remember how I struggled. To my surprise, I did quite well. It was the way it was taught to me this time around that I was able to understand everything. I enjoyed learning about the urban water cycle and how wastewater is treated. My favourite topic was sludge treatment and the nitrification processes. It is amazing how well we have come to understand the microorganisms that we use in treatment systems.

Groundwater engineering (7.5 points)

Very well structured course with quite a holistic approach. The lecturers are well informed about groundwater and provide more than just what is expected in the course. It was my first time learning about groundwater in such detail. It has shaped my interest for groundwater and its conservation. The importance of geology in our water system is something that isn’t taught often as it should be.

When people think of the water crisis their mind thinks first to surface water. People aren’t aware that a large part of the characteristic of surface water is due to groundwater.

Hydromechanics (7.5 points)

The concepts of this course I had covered in my undergrad but it was good to do it again. There some additional information that I hadn’t covered previously. This was a good lesson for me. We will all be coming from different backgrounds, of course, some of the work you might have covered but don’t be discouraged.


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