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My Thesis Topic as a DRMCCA student

I’m now about a month into writing my thesis for the DRMCCA masters, and it has been an enjoyable experience so far! I am writing together with a friend from the course (you are allowed to write in pairs or individually). We currently live in different cities in Sweden, but divide our time between working ‘together’ online and separately, and have regular Zoom-meetings about our progress.

For the DRMCCA thesis, you can chose whichever topic you want as long as it is connected to something that we have studied during the masters. Our thesis is about the risk perception and protective behaviours among pregnant people in Sweden during the Covid-19 pandemic. We chose to write about Covid-19 as we felt that it would be really interesting to write about something that is currently affecting the entire world, and as it is a new world event, there would still be plenty of research gaps for us to look into. We are also both interested in gender and topics related to people’s personal experiences, and as such we came up with the idea to focus on how pregnant people have perceived risks during the pandemic.

We had initially planned to do an international field study for the thesis, but due to the pandemic we are not able to travel abroad, and thus our case study is Sweden. In the end, this has actually been quite useful since it means that we do not rely on any translators and have a good understanding of the context and culture, since both of us are Swedish and have been in Sweden since the start of the pandemic.

At this stage, we have written drafts for several sections of the thesis, and conducted all of our interviews. I’ll give you another update down the line! 

Do you have any questions about writing a master’s thesis? Drop them in the comment section below!


16 February, 2021

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