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My Masterpiece through Master Thesis

Doing lab experiment

“What is not started will never get finished”

Entering the last semester as a master’s student at Lund University becomes the starting point of creating my own masterpiece. Yeah, a masterpiece through a final project, called a master thesis. Currently, I am doing the thesis project from a multinational company, Tetra Pak AB – Lund, particularly under the Research and Technology Department in collaboration with my faculty. Well, doing a final project in Sweden is kind of a big surprise for me, since it’s different from a common thesis project in my country (Indonesia). Therefore, I would like to share some highlights of doing thesis as Food Science and Nutritionist of Lund University:

  1. You can do it with a partner

The thesis project can be done either by yourselves or with a partner as a project mate. It means that you will work together: doing laboratory or experiment, writing proposals and thesis, having supervision, until presenting the final project (defense). Although you could work alone, having a partner has advantages i.e. sharing the workload, having a discussion partner and different opinions or approach to exemplify the problem.

Master thesis with my partner (left: Ayupry Diptasari, right: Cynthia Andriani)

 2. Connection and collaboration matters

There are some possibilities of where to do a master thesis in my program i.e. in university (teacher’s project or your own idea), in the company (internship), or collaborative partnership between the university and company, like what I am doing now. There is no better or bad opportunity because the thesis project will depend on your interest, available project, supervisor expertise, research fund, also the “luck” factors. For me, studying at LTH such a good entrance to connect with the company since my program has quite good collaboration with some companies and start-ups. When I was taking one of the courses delivered by the company expertise one semester before, I just came to him and asking the opportunity of the thesis project. It becomes one of the good tips that I recommend you if you want to apply for a company project 😊. So, be bold and dare to ask, to look for information, to find the opportunity, also to prepare yourselves. Surprisingly, since Swedes love with collaboration, my project involves four amazing supervisors from the company and faculty. It’s a really good chance for me to learn from great professors and expertise.

The company for master thesis (Tetra Pak AB)

3. The publication is not mandatory

One of my big questions marks when I know that it’s not mandatory to do scientific publications as a graduation requirement. Well, it might be different with another study program or project. However, a master’s degree in Lund University commonly doesn’t require the students to do publication (even it can be optional or added values). The publication is a must-to-do thing for Ph.D., but not a Master student.

 4. Graduation ceremony before the final defense

this is weird for having a celebration before the defense. It’s caused by the graduation ceremony requirement in our faculty: (1) passed 82,5 credits or more, (2) registered Degree Project in Ladok (education system platform), and (3) you have not participated in the ceremony at a previous occasion. So, excited right? 

That’s my personal sharing experience and excitement of doing a thesis here. 75% more to go from now! Lastly, everything I do I want to put love on it by keeping in my mind that my master thesis will be one of my masterpieces I’ve done in my life.

5 March, 2020

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