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My Master Thesis in Plant Biotechnology

Hey guys! It is time for a little update. I am in the middle of writing my thesis, and I would like to share my experiences so far!

I am writing my thesis in a company CropTailor AB that focuses on the development of tailor-made oat varieties that are desired by their clients. For instance, one wants to grow oat with high protein, fiber, or oil content, and the company will screen different oat varieties for that desired trait. The company cooperates with Lantmännen in a project called ScanOats.

So you might wonder how did I get there?
The answer is simple I did an iGEM course in the summer in the Department of Pure and Applied Biochemistry, and the company is located on the same floor of Chemical Centre. Later on, one of the employees asked me if I would like to write my thesis there, and I said yes.

What is my thesis exactly about?
I am investigating protein patterns in different oat varieties. My task is to investigate the protein fractions found in oats that has superior nutritional value compared to other oat proteins as well as other grains proteins. Later on, I am gonna investigate if fertilization of oat with nitrogen will increase only the amounts of proteins high nutritional value, or it will increase the amount of all proteins. There are more things in my thesis, but the scope is not clearly defined as of now, and it can go in any direction.

So how is my experience so far?
My supervisor is very helpful and allows me to direct my thesis according to my interests. After the accomplishment of each stage of the thesis, we decide together what to investigate next. The working environment is also very nice. I usually work from 9 to 17, but sometimes I go home earlier or later, depending on my workload. I am very happy that I can try something new, as I have never worked in the field of plant biotechnology or nutrition.

Recently, I started writing the thesis itself, but I must admit that it is probably harder than the lab work itself. I will keep you updated on how it all goes!

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