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So as part of the housing posts written by my fellow ambassadors, I would also like to share some things about my housing area. Since I was eligible for a housing guarantee, it was not that difficult to find accommodation, however for students without a housing guarantee it can be a bit tricky to find a place. You can read more about it in the post Accommodation in Lund or in Ruben’s nice post Kicking off your housing search.

For the past two years, I have been granted accommodation by LU accommodations at the Klostergården Student house. This housing area is in the southern part of Lund, less than 10 mins away from the sharp centre of Lund and less than 20 mins from LTH (with a bike). The area itself is very nice, lots of green areas and also the Stadsparken (city park) is very close by. There are shops and restaurants a few minutes away and it is generally a very calm area.

My apartment is a two bedroom studio apartment around 25 square meters and it has its own bathroom and kitchen. It was already almost fully equipped which I thought was very nice. There is a general room for washing and drying clothes for which you book a date and time and all of the tenants have access to it. Recycling is very important in Sweden, therefore we have a whole room in front of the building dedicated to recycling waste. There are also a lot of bike spaces in front of the building where you can leave your bike.









Good luck with your search!


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