My first post! Preparing to arrive

¡Hola! Here is Manuel writing my first post for you, leaving the previously written introduction aside.

At this stage of the year you probably are at home and really excited about the idea of coming to Lund in a few months. For some of you it might be a very pleasant experience because you are already used to go out of your comfort zone, or maybe a bit overwhelming since you go to a country and don’t know anyone, don’t know the language, don’t know what to expect from your studies, etc. When I was in your situation I couldn’t stop thinking about going to Sweden and everyday I was searching for information and relentlessly looking for accomodation (which I hope you already have sorted out or about to). And with that in mind I am writing this post.

If you already have accomodation, it is time to think about what comes next! Since I would have loved if someone told me this before, I am going to do it right now for you. This is a list of useful tips before coming to Lund:

  1. Don’t worry about making new friends fast. You will meet plenty of people with the same problem as you and it is very easy to get along. Sooner or later you will find friendships. In this kind of cities, if you don’t want to be alone you won’t be!
  2. Try to hang out with internationals and/or Swedes! It is very easy to gather with the people from the same country as you, since you share common values and culture. But I thoroughly recommend you to get to know international students and Swedes (even though these ones are quite tricky sometimes). You would have friends from all over the globe, maybe practise a new language and develop your English and interpersonal skills much better than with your fellow countrymen.
  3. GET A BIKE from minute 1 in Lund. Although prices might be inflated during the first days in Lund, there are options to get a cheap bargain at the local bicycle auction (shortly after Arrival Day) and Facebook buy/sell stuff groups.
  4. And finally use Skånetrafiken app to move around Skåne. The app is in Swedish, but it is very easy to use once you use Google Translate or get a Swede to translate for you during the setup. You can buy tickets for buses and trains within Skåne and to Copenhagen. For those commuters you can get a monthly card or 24h tickets (these last ones are especially useful for one-day visits, since you get to use all public transportation within the selected area buying only one ticket that lasts 24h for low price). And they also make student discount!

I could give you many more advices, but you probably already know about them or can read them in the university information brochures. Hope you found useful my advices.

Vi ses


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  1. 21 June, 2018 | 08:46 | Helene von Wachenfelt

    Hi Manuel!
    I really like both of your posts! Well done and welcome to the blog!!

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