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My Best Semester in Lund

Last semester, my third semester at Lund was the best one of my Master in Architecture degree. I took the course Urban Dynamics. It was a really interesting and well organised course. As part of the course we had a twelve day trip to China, where our site was located. The school completely organized the trip for us and even covered the cost of airfares and accommodation! We spent most of our time in Beijing, exploring the city’s diverse, modern and historic architecture.

We then travelled to Zhangjiakou a city 3 hours from Beijing. On the way we stopped, and climbed the Great Wall of China! Once in Zhangjiakou we had a 3 day workshop working on an innovative solution for the city of Zhangjiakou’s urban problems. We worked in groups mixed between Chinese students and Lund students. We at times hit language barriers and had to resolve our different perspectives on the topics. However, all in all it was extremely rewarding. We learnt a lot from the Chinese student’s perspectives on the topic on Urban Planning and how to deal with the challenges of a rapidly growing city. They were very welcoming and took us out to dinner to some local restaurants.

China was an interesting experience. The culture, food and cities are quite different to Europe’s so we learnt a lot from the experience. For anyone taking the MARK or SUDes course, I highly recommend taking Urban Dynamics!

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20 March, 2016

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