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Mind the train!

Lund has a perfect connection to Copenhagen airport. Trains part every 20 minutes both ways and are always on time. The trip itself takes about 35 minutes or a bit longer with the passport control. What I like about Öresundståg is that it’s very spacious inside – even when it’s crowded, there’s still enough space for luggage, bikes, and prams. This is not to mention wifi and phone chargers. Öresundståg crosses the beautiful bridge over the Öresund strait between Sweden and Denmark, which has a huge symbolic meaning as well as economic value for the region. Last but not least, Öresund bridge was the scenery for Danish/Swedish crime drama The Bridge. So now you have some basic information before I start with a few insights…

The thing is, the train is not the most reliable thing on Earth. It happened several times to me and some of my friends that the train didn’t go from Lund for some reason. It may last for an hour or more, and the traffic company office gets full of people trying to find out connection alternatives. It’s not the end of the world until you’re going to miss your flight. In this case, I recommend you to take the taxi and keep your receipt. Yes, it will cost you a fortune, but you can apply for a compensation afterward. However, you can avoid the stress if you come well in advance.

Another tip is regarding the bus. When arrived in Lund you can use the same train ticket to get to your place. So it is the other way around – when taking the bus to Lund C, buy a ticket right to Copenhagen airport. The price will be the same. Otherwise, people pay for the bus first and then buy a ticket again.

Have a nice trip!

1 March, 2018

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