Mid-crit Presentations


The past two weeks have been a little bit hectic with the mid-cri presentations being scheduled for the 13 to the 15 of march. I felt that the month before that I struggled a lot to get things done but having a presentation to show your progress really helped me set specific goals and start producing some information rather than just doing research. It was very different from the mid-crits we had during the master because we were used to have a list of things we were expected to show and basically at this point last semester we were already in the design stage. This time around, with everyone having such different topics and projects in general it was more about explaining the analysis you had done for your site and what were your strategies to tackle the design challenges that came up as conclusion from your analysis.

I was glad I finished a model of my site and some context in a very large scale (it’s almost 1×1 meters), which helped me a lot to understand the topography of the site and made it very clear that it can become a driver for my design.

Now its time to go back to the notes that I took during the presentations, and basically just keep it up with the work flow of the past weeks.

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