Mid-Crit afternoon

It’s the middle of the semester and the Mid-critiques are reminding us what its like to be staying in the studio until the end of the day. So after all the work is done Lund offers a lot of ways to relax. First of all

Fantasy movie festival: http://www.fff.se/en/ is currently blasting the best fantasy movies from this years repertoire.

Underground jazz scene: http://undergroundlund.se/ you can check out the concerts here for the upcoming months. With a valid student card you can get a 50% discount. And if you are under 20 then the entry is free, HURRA.

And if you are still undecided on where to spend your weekend go to: http://www.dotoday.se/en/malmo/ and choose what you like best.


Cheers. Joris.


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