MATLAB is your best friend

At the beginning of my second year in the Wireless Communications master program, I must say MATLAB is a very powerful computing environment and easy to use tool in order to simulate, analyze and understand multiple tasks.

This term I am working on a project in Wireless Communications where we should transfer data from one laptop using its speakers and receive it through the second laptop’s microphone. Off course the required system must be done using MATLAB.

The second course is one of the hottest topics in Telecom right now (even know it’s not new) is MIMO systems, we also have multiple assignments where we should analyze and investigate many measured data and compare it with the theoretical results using MATLAB also.

The third course is signal separation (independent component analysis), here the project tasks is to compress a picture and separate 2 acoustic signals, MATLAB is the tool here again.

With all this pressure I would say the most important things in my life in Descending order right now are:
2. Coffee
3. Teamwork i.e. sitting with people that have the same as your suffering and keep talking about it

Sunday evening teamwork (the guy on the left is still alive and coding)

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  1. 3 October, 2017 | 21:12 | laisgoncalvesrau

    I cannot stress how much I relate to this post!!! lol

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