Mastering the collecting of data (for my thesis)

Hi, I’ve been travelling between Lund and Kaunas (my master thesis project is going to be there) so these months have been quite interesting. Despite masses amounts of travelling I also started incorporating site research methods that I learned in the Advanced Architecture Design studio last semester. I’ve been wondering around the place with little guidence, taking photos of the place and drawing a lot of schemes. This time is rather different in that I’m also digging into the history of the city through statistics. I’ve gathered masses amounts of data of people and their migration reutes from and into the city. This was rather new to me as an architecture student. Also I’ve decided to read the literature that is traced back to the time when the site I am working in was developed. And because I’m doing a railway station as my project I will be taking some railway trips and filming the process.

The Master Thesis is As Much Fun As You Want It To Be. Thats is what I’ve learned about it so far.

Cheers, Joris.

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