Lunds Kommun-Lund University Challenge

On May 26, DRMCCA’s students will participate in a workshop and competition “Incorporating Social Diversity into Brunnshög” initiated and organized by Lunds Kommun and Lund University. During the workshop participants will be assigned to multi-disciplinary teams and have 3 hours to draft a proposal and presentation devoted to Brunnshög, Lund’s newest neighbourhood. We will brainstorm how to make this area a place rich in social diversity, where people from all backgrounds can mingle and contribute to the vibrancy of the community. That must be very exciting and I’m looking forward!

Visionsbild Brunnshög Illustration Atkins

Source: Lunds Kommun

By the way, the idea of the workshop came as a result of interesting and fruitful cooperation between DRMCCA and LUMES students that met during the course “Urban and Rural Systems and Sustainability”.

  • Tatiana
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