Lund University Arrival day – Autumn 2016

Yesterday i.e 16th  August, AF-Borgen, usually a quiet place was chock-a-block with hustle and bustle of students, international mentors and staff  from Lund University. It was the Arrival Day for international students commencing their studies this autumn. We welcomed around 2000 International students from about more than 110 countries to our family. The ever increasing count of international students reminds us as to why Lund University is considered as one of the most culturally diverse universities in the world.

The Arrival Day is always a very busy day, with a number of students having their luggage bags in their hand, trying to find their way in the new surroundings. You can see a bit of nervousness and a lot of excitement on their face. You can see the international mentors trying to help the new students in every possible way with a warm smile.

We have Registration Day at LTH tomorrow i.e 18th August and I am extremely happy to know that we have around 250 International students (including all Master’s programmes at LTH) in the batch of 2016,  of which around 25-30 are in Wireless Communication.

I wish good luck to all of them and hope they have a great year ahead !!!! I am also excited to meet the new students who have opted Wireless Communication …and the wait will not be too long as we have our first meeting in the next week. Wohooo!!!



AF-Borgen: The Arrival Day venue


Welcome package...

Welcome package…


The neatly organised luggage room!

The neatly organised luggage room!


The check-in desk...

The check-in desk…


Waiting for the minivan be driven to their ne w student accomodation

Waiting for the minivan be driven to their new home


– Rajeshwari

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