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Lovely weekend in Helsingborg

On Saturday, I visited Helsingborg with a group of friends. It was a lovely day, warm and sunny. One of the advantages of living and studying abroad is this endless sense of exploration, and the tourist inside you manifests more often than expected. I am sure my fellow international students know the feeling I am referring to. And do you know that Lund University has a campus in Helsingborg?

Living in Lund which is part of the Skåne County is very convenient if you want to travel around and explore more of southern Sweden. Many beautiful towns and cities are close and Helsingborg is one of my favorites. It’s only a 30-minute train ride and the nature landscape in between make it quite enjoyable. If you haven’t had a chance to visit Helsingborg until now, I would highly recommend that you do… a beautiful coastal city with an admirable medieval heritage.

Enjoy the sunny days!

28 September, 2017

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