Looking Back: Arriving in Lund – late…

I thought I would share my experience of arriving in Lund University. If you are like me you have probably looked through Lund University’s website to the point where you are starting to have parts of it memorized. For international students, they have what is called “Arrival Day.” Originally, when planning to come to Sweden, I had planned to come sooner.  Back in 2011, I studied abroad at Örebro University, and from that experience and some other experiences, I have made some absolutely wonderful Swedish friends. However, in the end I decided against it because of the amount of luggage I had, and the idea of lugging it around Sweden and on trains, by myself, was not only not appealing but nearly impossible. I bought my plane ticket to arrive on Arrival Day.

After getting everything packed up and weighed so that I wouldn’t have to pay extra for overweight luggage, I got in a car with my family and we drove down to Omaha, Nebraska. When I arrived there I found out that my plane had been canceled due to severe weather. Which meant that there was no possible way that I could make it from the US to Sweden on Arrival Day. In my case, I called one of my good friends, named Max, who is Swedish, that I met back in 2009 on a train, because he happens to also be studying Geology at Lund University. He was amazing and said he’d meet up with me.

The next day, I went we drove back down to Omaha, and my plane was delayed and almost canceled again. However, we did make it to Chicago. Where, also because of the severe weather, I almost missed my flight from Chicago to Copenhagen. I did make it, and I was on my way. I got to the Copenhagen Airport, picked up my luggage, and Max was there waiting for me. Then we took the train to Lund.

Arriving in Lund, we went to his corridor room first to drop off my luggage. Then we went to try and get my keys, but the place was closed for the day. I went to the International Office, and I got almost all of my information. Rest of that day, I did feel sort of out of the loop, I knew that there were activities going on, but I didn’t quite know where, or who, so I didn’t participate until the following day.

The next day, I was able to get my keys, and I did get the rest of the packet that I was supposed to on Arrival Day. Yes there were other bumps along the way, but it sorted itself out eventually.

I know that I was lucky to have my friend, who already goes to the university and was able to show me around. Many people coming to Lund University, don’t know Swedes, and sometimes I think about what I would have done if I didn’t have Max.

  1. Contact the international coordinators and let them know you are coming late. This way they have a heads up. If my plane had been delayed another day, I would have also missed registration. They can also help you to figure out where to go etc.
  2. Don’t Panic, because getting from Copenhagen Airport to Lund, is very easy. Pretty much everyone in Copenhagen, does speak English, and very good English. Just ask someone to show you how you can buy a train ticket, or if you would prefer to take a taxi, have someone point you to an official taxi driver.
  3. You may need to get a hostel. Check what time the housing office closes at, at least this year, I think they were closed by 15:00. When they say they close at 15:00, they will close on time. There are hostels located in downtown Lund, which are very close to the different offices you would need to go to get your stuff.
  4. Relax and know that you are not the only student that is arriving late, things will work out just fine.
  5. Go the next day knowing that it is going to be okay, and make a plan of attack to get to the offices, and expect lines.
  6. If you are confused about something contact your international coordinator or professors depending upon the matter. Another option is to go to the International Student Office, they have people that are there to help you with these type of things.
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