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Living as a Food Technologist and Nutritionist in Lund

Hej! Tjena!

Once more, I would like to welcome you guys to Lund University. I am Cynthia Andriani, a second-year student in Food Technology and Nutrition and will be a student program ambassador for 2019/2020. I am so excited to tell my stories as Foodies in Lund. Basically, our activities for two years will be located at Kemicentrum building including laboratories, class, group work, lunch, fika (Swedish style of coffee break), meetings, also teachers’ offices.

Kemicentrum building (Naturvetarvägen 14, 22362 Lund)

After completing two semester, I could say that studying in Lund is not all about reading, attending class, lab working, writing the report, etc. but also more about doing fun and enjoyable things. There are many mandatory and elective courses that you can adjust based on your needs and interest. Believe me, this fundamental part will be completely explained by our program coordinator before new semester is started. I would like to mention two fun activities that at least you could find during studying in Food Technology and Nutrition program.

Making homemade Sauerkraut (fermented cabbage)

First, FOOD MAKING. Mostly, people try to associate our program with cooking, eating (food testing), and food product development. Of course, we did it! Our course is designed comprehensively with some fun lab works such as making fermented cabbage in the Probiotic elective course, baking our muffin in the Formulation course, and making your own tasty yogurt in the Food Microbiology course. Although there might be an upcoming report and presentation, don’t worry because sometimes you don’t need to do it alone. The education system in this university mostly involves peers and group work activities. My suggestions are to be an active-supportive peer and be adaptive with diversity.

Study visit (field trip) to farm

Free product testing during company visit

What’s next? The most enjoyable part for a student is STUDY VISIT (FIELD TRIP). A short escape from the daily routine on campus, getting new insights and for sure grab free food testing! At least I have experienced four study visits in four different courses i.e. Formulation (Oatly!, AAK), Probiotics (Chr Hansen), Dairy Technology (Skånemejerier milk industry and farm), Food Safety (Pågen bread). In addition, you will experience to be taught by professionals from both multinational and regional companies, government, and academia (researchers, scientists from other universities) as visiting or guest lecturers.

Summing up my first writing about living as a Food Technologist and Nutritionist, I come to the point that studying is not always boring. There are several nonacademic activities that you can engage too as students. For that topic, I promise you to share in another series of my blog writing (please wait!). So, looking forward to the upcoming Food Tech fika in Lund! Enjoy the holiday and please don’t do your summer alone. 

12 July, 2019

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  1. Syed Imran Ahmed

    Thanks for your excellent post. It was informative and inspiring. I would love to apply for the course. As I am a medical doctor and working in nutrition focused research at icddrb, Bangladesh. I had opportunity to develop new packaged food for our research purpose. Now I am interested to seek more knowledge in this sector. I want to apply for the course but I am not sure I do fulfill the requirements of the course. I had calculus in my 12 grade and biostatistics in my masters course. Will it be sufficient to apply for the course?

  2. kristenclarberg

    Hello Syed!
    Thank you for your comment, you can read about the programme here:

    You can also email the programme coordinator here with with any questions you have:

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