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Live Music in Lund

Who doesn’t  love music? I love listening to music and even now music is coming out my computer. I also love going to music concerts and festivals once a while to reward myself after intensive study and exam weeks. As a poor student, I cant afford many of them. For last 2 years I have been a free free music festival scavenger. Here is a couple of music festival or campaign I went to recently. 

Eter Festival 

Eter Festival 2019

The theme of Eter festival 2019 was a weird, wonderful and free festival. It had taken place for 13 hours all around Lund. It started from Stortorget and went around Skissernas Museum and the Allhelgona church till Mejeriet. Lund was truly surrounded by live music from numerous musicians and artists. As the theme of the year, the music during the festival was unusual, creative, and fresh. You may notice from the picture. Drums were played as being covered with a blanket and a singer was singing without saying any words. There was a room at Mejeriet having a laser music show. The room was dark but filled with lights. Dancing in the misty room felt like being in a different world. It was great and weird enough to relieve my stress from school and hang out with friends.


Musikhjälpen is an annual fundraising campaign with a special theme. It has been going on in Sweden since 2008. Few famous Swedish celebrities are locked in a glass booth for 144 hours, broadcasting live on Sveriges Radio and SVT. Several artists visit to chat and encourage them and sometimes give a little live music concert. Luckily, Musikhjälpen 2018 was in Lund and I could pass by the venue. The theme of the year was “Alla har rätt att funka olika” (Everyone has the right to function differently). The main purpose of the event was to raise knowledge and money for people with disabilities all over the world. During Musikhjälpen 2018 50,550,204 SEK were gathered. People were being involved by having small talk with the celebrities in the glass room and requesting songs, making the event more lively.  It was a very festive and enjoyable campaign. If you get a chance to drop by, I highly recommend it!

1 February, 2019

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