Little guide to: biking on ice!

You might have been already surprised by little weather breakdown in November, when the temperatures dropped to -5 degrees C, but with the beginning of December we can expect icy bike ways much more often.

If, like me, you don’t abandon biking just because of weather conditions, you may find those few tips quite useful!

20161113_1042501So how to prepare and bike safe?

  1. Don’t pump your tires! It may be a bit harder to bike on softer tires, but bigger surface of contact with bikepath may save you!
  2. Oil your chain, brakes and locker! If any water gets into the mechanisms and freezes… you may be stucked without bike.
  3. Actually… with minus temperatures I take water displacing and penetrating oil (example: WD40) everywhere with me (yes, it happened to me few times that my brakes froze and I was left with my own… heels to brake).
  4. If you leave your bike outside, it’s nice to cover your sit with a plastic bag or material cover so you don’t have to sit on frost when you need to bike.
  5. And finally… take your lights ALWAYS with you. It gets dark early and you never know if you won’t stay somewhere a bit longer and get surprised by darkness!

Stay safe on the roads!



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