Let’s talk about friends

An old expression says “Friends are treasures of the heart” and I believe friends we make during our student experience in Sweden are a real treasure to be cherished during our studies and beyond. Friendships we create here are born from various common interests. My classmates are absolutely the first group of friends with whom I share so much more except for the studies. We get to know and spend time with one another during lectures and group work, but we also organize many informal gatherings which, I have to share, can’t get more enjoyable.

Another important group of friends is that of students who come from the same country like me. Even though we might be studying different subjects at different faculties in Lund, coming from the same country and having a similar cultural background makes it easier to start hanging out and to become friends. The corridor mates are also a potential group of friends since living in the same student accommodation makes it convenient to have tea or dinner together and enjoy a nice conversation.

Fika breaks at cafeterias around the city during the day and weekend dinner parties at each other’s corridors and apartments are among the most common ways of socializing in Lund. Both are very enjoyable and usually, you find yourself among friends from your programme, from your country, your accommodation, and other points of connection, both Swedish and international.

Sometimes I get asked how easy is it to make friends in Lund? Certainly, making friends is not effortless. However, being proactive by showing genuine interest in other people, initiating invitations, and attending when being invited makes it an easier and a smoother process.

Until next time, cheers to precious friendships!

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