Learning Swedish

I know, or I guess, more has been said about this earlier. But, as on many things, I’ve got my opinion ready for you. First of all, being Dutch helps me a lot in trying to learn Swedish. In my mind Swedish is nothing more than English, German and Dutch combined, scrambled and flavoured with a couple of latin-language spices. But since I know the first three pretty well, I recognize a lot of words (especially reading isn’t that hard).

So, secondly there are many ways to learn a new language. In Sweden, SFI (Svenska för invandrare (Swedish for immigrants)) is provided for free. This however consumes a lot of time (1 or 2 nights per week, and about 3 hours per night). In my case this wasn’t even the only problem. So even though I could only go maybe ones per week, because of me being busy and stuff, I still thought the progression throughout the lessons was too slow. This of course has to do with the kind of people your in a ‘class’ with, and to which school you go. And on top of that, the basic words you learn were all good, but you won’t learn any engineering words, sentences, whatever, when you don’t study on your own as well.

The latter brings me to my last point. In the time before I went to Sweden, and since I’ve been living here, I’ve had much help with DUOLingo. This app, and website, is a very good tool to start learning Swedish, or other languages, with English as back-language. There’s of course the same downside as with SFI, that you can only learn up to a certain level, without practicing it in real life. But at least you can decide your own tempo, and it will take less of your time (maybe 5-15 minutes per day if you’re really into it, otherwise it’s less).

And just now, I’ve found out that this week a language-café will start in Helsingborg, especcially for students from Campus Helsingborg. I’ll go try it out and see if it’s worthy to report back on it.

OK. Bye.
– Anton

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