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Learning Swedish

Hello everyone, this holiday is halfway through. I have studied the Swedish Course (A1) during this holiday. Here, I will share it with you!

The textbook I used is called Rivstart A1+A2 Textbok and Övningbok. Due to lack of time, I only learned A1, the basic one.

The textbook for Swedish course

According to my understanding, there are three ways to learn Swedish in Lund. First, some students have the possibility to choose a Swedish course set up by Lund University, 7.5 credits, which is counted in the total credits. Second, you can choose Swedish course held by SFI (Swedish for immigrants). This is a course specially designed for immigrants. It is free of charge and the course arrangement is relatively scattered. However, personal number is necessary for this kind of course ( if it’s a one-year master program, you do not have a personal number, then you can not apply for that). The most important thing is that the the average waiting time is about 3-5 months long. Third, participate in the Folkuniversitetet, (this is the link: This is what I chose. The course I took this time is an intensive course, 9-12 a.m. from Monday to Friday, for 3 weeks. Students can get a 20% discount with their student ID.


In addition, except the textbooks mentioned above, some daily language, as well as some common vocabulary, you need to learn by yourself. Here are some apps that I am using now: Drops, Memrise, Plugghäst and Lexin.


Although Lund is an international university town, English can meet all the requirements of everyday life, still learning Swedish helps you get to know the local life. Are you ready to learn Swedish~



2 August, 2019

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Learning Swedish Studies

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