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I started over with SFI (Svenska För Invandrare) again 2 months ago. I really recommend you guys to take it as well. Just like Roshan’s post about SFI in Lund, I want to add about SFI information in Helsingborg.

For you who based in Helsingborg, you could check this link: https://helsingborg.se/sfi.

It doesn’t hurt to learn some Swedish, and also, it’s for free! You could basically choose the institute that suits your preference in learning Swedish, and you can check everything including the course time online. Sometimes having SFI could be hard to manage, especially when you have a lot of assignment that require group work. But you are always free to come or not to come, as long as you are not absent for 3 weeks consecutively. In short, I really think that it’s worth it to try. 🙂

Beside applying for SFI class, there is also other way to learn Swedish, for example by joining language cafe (Språkcafé). In Helsingborg, the city library (Helsingborgs Stadsbiblioteket) is hosting a language cafe every Wednesday from 17.30-18.30. Me myself haven’t joined any of language cafe, but if I have free time, I will try to join, because why not?

Anyway this event is also free and everyone will be welcomed to join. What are you waiting for? 🙂

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