Learning Swedish

Swedes speak English very good, which encourages people not to learn their language, Plus, they are too nice and usually don’t force foreigners to learn it.
However, there is nothing better than learning the country’s language, one might see the whole land in a different way, that’s what I am working on right now, which is not that easy.
Therefore, after a lot of tools and apps, I highly recommend using SVT “Språkplay” app, available on apple and play stores. The great thing about this app that it offers different (Sveriges Television AB) TV series and programs to watch online with Swedish scripts displayed while the show is on, so one can hear and read at the same time. Plus, the app will pause during some time periods to test the user knowledge regarding new words in the show, and will save all the words the user learns. And the best thing is that all genres can be found (Comedy, news, Drama….etc).

Lycka till…..

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