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Learn Swedish for free in Sweden

Though there are not many things you get for cheap, learning Swedish comes free. 😀

Thanks to Swedish for Immigrants (SFI) course provided by Lunds Kommun, now I can understand and speak my initial words in Swedish. If you are a master’s student for more than a year, the Swedish government offers free SFI courses to learn Swedish. This gives everyone here an opportunity to learn the language and get more involved with the Swedish culture and people. You could find the application link here.

I personally could not find much time to invest in my first year there but would love to learn more in the coming year.

I feel the most important aspect for learning Swedish is you need to speak a lot to learn it. Also, there are a lot of language cafes that are free and help you out with this process.

Happy learning…

Lycka till…!


  1. Omar EL ADWI

    Good day from abroad,

    I am admitted for a Masters Degree in Management (One Year) at Lund University and hopefully I will be joining soon this Autumn.

    I have an interest in learning the Swedish Language. So how would you help / advise me on this matter?

  2. kristenclarberg

    That is great that you are interested in this. I belive you might have the possiblity to take a free intro course through the University. Besides that, there are several Swedish Language cafes. You can find a list here:

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